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Main address: 30 rue des Acacias, Paris 17ème Paris 17ème France ,



The Studio des Acacias is a fabled place where legendary photographers such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Guy Bourdin worked.

Today this creative space has opened up to all forms of contemporary artistic expression (art installations, video art, photography, etc.) and welcomes the most well-known photographers and contemporary artists for unique exhibitions and productions.


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DROP SHADOW - October 2014

Between borrowing from pop art, ready-mades and minimalism, Mark Handforth's monumental works, installations and fluorescent tubes literally energise the spaces they inhabit. His sculptures transform everyday objects and evoke both the idea of a distortion and deformation through changing the material as a creative gesture. He plays with light to conjure incandandescent landscapes.

Inside the Studio des Acacias, the light from his phosphorescent light sculptures mix with the famous lights of Paris, visible through the glass roof. Produced in partnership with the New York gallery, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, this exhibition is an opportunity to explore the theme of light further, thematically already introduced in a previous exhibition by Claude Lévêque.

Mark Handforth was born in Hong Kong in 1969. He lives and works in Miami and has widely exhibited across the United States, including in Central Park in New York, at the Dallas Museum of Art and at the MCA in Chicago.

Collaboration : Galerie Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

Courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise
© Mario Palmieri and Stéphane Gallois