Reiffers Art Initiatives



Reiffers Art Initiatives is a foundation created to support young contemporary creation and cultural diversity. Its mission is to support approximately thirty artists per year in order to help the new French art scene emerge internationally. It initiates several actions to finance, exhibit and give visibility to the emerging artists.


Created as a natural continuation of a long-standing commitment to creativity in all its forms, Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers launched Reiffers Art Initiatives in 2021. The mission of this new philanthropic initiative is to support the emergence of the French art scene. The Mazarine Group and its various entities support the initiatives of the foundation. With its first mentorship exhibition in October 2021, Reiffers Art Initiatives provides new tools for young talent and inaugurates a unique model to support exchanges between artists, generations and cultures. 



"As a passionate defender of contemporary creation, it has always seemed to me an essential responsibility to support the new French contemporary scene, to accompany and give visibility to those who nourish our creativity and open our imagination to new territories of expression."

Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers.



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Supporting young contemporary creation


The mission of Reiffers Art Initiatives is to promote young talent in fine and visual arts by supporting their creative expression and thus affirming the strength of the unique French multicultural model.

By supporting diversity, a crucible of great inventiveness, engaging dialogue between cultures, opening up new imaginaries and constantly encouraging the emergence of new talent. Reiffers Art Initiatives' mission is to initiate these exchanges and reveal the new French artistic scene.

Promoting cultural diversity

Reiffers Art Initiatives supports young talents with a particular attention to diversity and plural identities that enrich our country and shape the culture of tomorrow. Artists living in France, or connected to our country, whose works invite us to look at the world differently, in a more open way. 

The Reiffers Art Initiatives Foundation offers a new platform to support emerging artists and is part of a sustainable philanthropic approach, driven by the idea that contemporary art must above all be a space open to all identities and cultures. By supporting talents within and outside the classical artistic pathways, the Foundation intends to respond to contemporary issues of representation and visibility. It also aims to open the public to multiple profiles and approaches to art.