Raphaël Barontini

Raphaël Barontini

Raphaël Barontini is a French visual artist who graduated from Beaux-Arts in Paris and Hunter College of Art in New York, represented by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery


In an uninhibited and positive approach, Raphaël Barontini creates new narratives of history and culture. Through his creations, he revisits the history of Western art by crossing cultures and always putting people at the center, whether as a figure or as an actor. His artwork represents historical or fictional subjects from Africa and the Caribbean, highlighting under-represented narratives in the history of art. Existing iconographic references mingle with fictitious elements, to question history, make it more complex and readjust it.


This artist is inspired by "creolization" and the philosophies of the French Caribbean thinkers. This term is associated with writers like Édouard Glissant and Aimé Césaire and can be defined as a process of cultural mixing, from images or figures taken from different contexts. A subject is central in his work: the postcolonial questions, where his approach invites us to explore new imaginaries and rich narratives of a plural history.


His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.




Photo credit : Ruey Loon Ung.